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Positive Side Effects of Peruvian Maca

Peruvian maca root is touted as one of nature’s aphrodisiacs. Grown in the Andean Mountains, Peruvian maca has been harvested by indigenous people for hundreds of years. The maca root has been used as currency, traded for food staples, and prepared for consumption in breads, drinks, and porridge.

The herb is important because it’s thought to enhance semen counts in men as well as increasing libido. Due to Peruvian maca root’s high nutritional value, its components are thought to aid in male sexuality. Peruvian maca root contains iron, selenium, calcium, magnesium and fatty acids as well as other important nutrients.

For those who need a lift from mild depression or menopausal symptoms, Peruvian maca root is an excellent herbal supplement. The herb’s rich nutrients help to stabilize hormonal imbalances. Once the hormones are normalized by the Peruvian maca root, not only is it easier to get a good night’s sleep, but hot flashes, mood swings, and crankiness disappear.

The nutrition Peruvian maca root provides gives long lasting energy. Users of the product claim to have additional stamina and endurance. Due to the increase in energy Peruvian maca root gives, users also feel stress levels are lower or completely diminished.

Peruvian maca is typically taken in 500 milligrams capsules which contain ground up portions of the root. The recommended daily dosage is three to six capsules.