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Info on Red Maca

Red maca or Lepidium¬† is one of the rarest varieties of maca. It is sometimes described as purple, but is more commonly called “red maca.” It is growing in the same areas and under the same conditions as other most common types of the plant, and still has unique features that can quickly make the choice of Maca. In recent years he has been very popular and, frankly, after trying it 2 years ago, it has become my favorite variety is not only due to the increased strength but also because of the taste.

In 2010, researchers Universidad Peruana, Lima has published a study on the effects of Maca bone structure of rats that had their ovaries removed. The conclusion was that both the “Red and Black Maca has a protective effect on bone architecture, rats showed estrogenic effects on uterine weight.”

Red Maca Difference

If you visit a farm, before the maca roots are processed into powder form, you should be easily able to differentiate between red, yellow / black and creamm maca. Each root is of a different color. Yet high-quality organic maca powder nutritional profile nearly identical, the red variety has been shown, based on analysis of phytonutrients to be high in certain compounds that support antioxidant activity and antitumor in the body. Macas also have low levels of other pythonutrients, these includes saponins, some tannins, steroids and certain alkaloids.

The Taste Test?

Another major difference between red and black Macas or even yellow ones is the taste. Most people find the taste to be more gentle and sweet. It can be said to have similar flavor to a caramel. Children tend to love the red maca especially for its sweetness similar to sugar.