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Maca as a Recipe Ingredient

Most of us are now aware of the Maca’s use as a supplement that will yield medicinal benefits, but a use for maca that has been frequently overshadowed is it’s function as a food ingredient used in cooking. Maca has long been consumed as food among the Peruvians and wherever maca is to be found. … Continue reading

Info on Red Maca

Red maca or Lepidium  is one of the rarest varieties of maca. It is sometimes described as purple, but is more commonly called “red maca.” It is growing in the same areas and under the same conditions as other most common types of the plant, and still has unique features that can quickly make the … Continue reading

Benefits from Using All Natural Maca

Maca is a root, which lies between the Andes Mountains in Peru. Even before the time of Spanish conquest, it has been widely used as a “super food” and “wonder drug”, which was much appreciated by native healers in South America. It was used to help people feel better, healthier and to improve physical performance. … Continue reading

Maca For Acne Treatment

Everybody hates having acne right? Who in their right mind delights in having a zit on important occasions? The joke goes “One can’t face his/her problem if the problem is his/her face”. With the current innovations in medicine one would think that there is already a sure way to eliminate pimples right? Well that is … Continue reading