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If you are interested in the benefits that maca yields and have decided to give this wonder crop a try, you must first know the proper doses and intake procedures to harness the full benefits it claims to provide. Of course nothing beats consulting with your family physician, but here are a few notes to consider.

Maca Forms

Maca is normally available for purchase in powdered, capsule/tablet and liquid form. Maca in powdered form is achieved in two ways; drying the roots in the sunlight to remove moisture or by desiccation in a big oven. Drying maca by the use of sunlight is the preferred method because without the high temperatures involved with the use of an oven, sun-dried maca retains the highly sought-after nutrients that would otherwise be destroyed through excessive heat.

Lepidium meyenii—a Peruvian plant— produces the Maca Root, and grows in the Andean region of Peru. Native Andeans have been using the Peruvian Maca Root as food and a medicinal herb for several decades. The root is a spherical-shaped radish vegetable, associated with the potato species. It has a butterscotch taste, and is found in various colors such as dark purple, black, light pink and creamy yellow. Peruvian Maca Root is a wild plant that grows at high altitudes of about 7,500 to 14,450 feet. At this altitude, this tuberous plant is the only one that grows at such a high levels in the world. The weather conditions under which the plant grows are extreme, as they are characterized by severe sunlight, frost and strong winds. The root is approximately 4.7 cm long, and 3 to 6 cm wide

Differences Between Macas

Obviously, maca from two different brands are not the same, but why exactly is that?

  • The location and medium where the maca is planted or grown.
  • As mentioned earlier, the different ways of how maca roots are dried.
  • The method in which the roots are disinfected, those cleaned naturally are superior to those disinfected with chemicals because there is only minimal nutrient loss. Plus, chemicals might pose a threat to the consumer.
  • The preparation of powdered maca or how they are grounded into fine powder.
  • The storage handling of the maca product.
  • The additional supplements each maca makers adds.

Dosage of Maca

How much dose of maca does one need? As maca is considered a food vegetable it is generally safe consume an amount equal to other vegetables if the maca you acquire is in its fresh root form but for optimum utilization of the body to be achieved, a safe step would be to start with a little amount then gradually increase to the prescribed dosage in the products description. Different people having different body mass and health conditions would need different prescribed dosage for each. It is always a smart move to consult your doctor first.


Remember to keep the maca in a dry sealed container. Keeping it in a cool place or even subjecting it to refrigeration will help keep it fresh and edible. Depending on the Form your maca comes in, be it powdered or capsule it would be viable for a long time some even for two years if the product is properly stored.